This is me and my Mom. I owe a lot of my creativity and taste for the finer things in life to her. As the Executive Director for the Provo Arts Council she raised us in the cultural arts. I spent a lot of time going to concerts of all kinds, gallery strolls, arts festivals and other events like pumpkin carving contests, egg decorating contests, and summer kids programs so I have spent a lot of time as a volunteer for various things. I grew up helping her teach ice skating at the rink at Utah Lake State Park (which is no longer there) and when I was old enough it became my first paying job. She is now the Executive Director for the Provo Downtown Business Alliance and she was voted one of the "Fab 50" in the Utah Valley Magazine (on page 59) posted in the Mar/April 2011 issue. The most common thing I hear when I say that Kathryn Allen is my mother is "I love your mom!" Me too.