My Certification Students had a treat last week and this week with Sherri Haab coming in to teach us!  We learned electroforming, electrical etching, photo/ITS transfers and resin clay.  I was a little caught up with creating my own projects in-between packing and moving my house, so I only got a few photo's of my own jewelry.  They turned out great!

Custom Order


Created a custom gift for an old friends girlfriend from a bullet casing and malachite stone.  Turned out great!
Had a great cold connection class with some creative students!  They learned how to rivet, do tube rivets, use the jewelers saw, wire wrap and create cool projects!  I, unfortunately, forgot to photograph
some of the finished jewelry  =(



This interview is great from start to finish!  Her story, jewelry, talent and great attitude about teaching children that there are all kinds of people warmed my heart.  The only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves!  On a side note: I also have a huge crush on her Durston Rolling Mill in the background...

Bluehost Rocks!


As a Bluehost Affiliate I got invited to their Provo Headquarters for a meetup and training.  There were business owners from all over and it was great to meet the Bluehost staff.  If you need a great hosting company for your website I can highly recommend this great company!
As an affiliate I do receive compensation if you choose
to sign up through this link, I never promote
anything I don't use myself and love! Thanks! 
Bluehost affilliate

Field Trip!


Melissa Muir has a great studio! My Certification Students and I were excited to go play with her multiple hydraulic press's for a few days.  We created domed shapes, anti-castic and synclastic cuffs and learned lots of new skills!  Thanks for having us Melissa!  You can take some of her classes in my studio, check the class schedule here for what's coming up soon!

Custom Work


This is a new one for me.  I was asked to create a sterling silver liner for a custom wood sugar box. The size of it creating some soldering challenges (needed lots of heat and a joint shifted making the box a smidge bigger) but it worked!  While I was at it, Bill also wanted me to polish out dents in a silver pill box and antique sugar bowl. 
Johanna drove down from Logan with a cool hair pin (first picture) that she wanted to do her own spin on with pressed copper and a stone.  She also created a beautiful pendant and wanted to learn how to solder her own chain.  We were having so much fun I invited her to come along to 2 Art Shows after class with my friend and boyfriend!