A cool custom mens wedding band was made today by folding the organic shaped silver sheet over a textured piece of copper.  My friend Amy also came in and made herself a second ring with a beautiful Botswana agate stone!

Inlay class


Sisters Laurie and Kathy came to the Inlay class and made some beautiful silver and copper rings!

Jewelry Roundup


Every once in a while I get inspired to gather up all of my unfinished projects to complete, examples to polish and tarnished jewelry to freshen up.  This time I had a lot more than I expected and it took me a lot longer than I anticipated!  Check them out in the gallery!
Had 6 great students in the silversmithing class! Lots of beautiful sterling silver jewelry made! 
Melissa Hughston is hanging her botanical illustrations for her opening for the Sugar House Art Walk Friday! Come see the gallery in full bloom from 6 - 9pm June 13th. Her work will be up all month!

I redecorated the window display, it's very colorful and bright!

Date night!


Fun students on a date tonight, they say a happy wife makes a happy life!
My youngest son Jackson came up for a visit and we bought a spirograph, it was a lot harder than I remember it being when I was young!  He also decorated my sandwich board for me, it is outside bringing people in!  I added to it... pic to come...