I can finally write this post now that Bassil proposed to his girlfriend of 6 years! I got a call from him one day saying he wanted to do an engagement ring Todd Reed style and I held my breath for a moment. I LOVE Todd Reed’s jewelry. He does beautiful pieces and they look challenging even for me to do let alone someone who has never made jewelry before! So what did I say? Sure! Come on over, we can do that! Well, long story short, we drew up a design to incorporate things they both love and have collected in their 2 favorite places, the ocean in Hawaii and the Utah mountains. Bassil jumped in and got to work despite the fact that his big nubby fingers had a hard time trying to cut rocks, shells and sea glass into tiny little squares. After he got them cut and laid out he worked on carving the wax to set them in to. When it was all ready I sent the wax to the caster’s and when it was done I set the “stones” into the ring, gave it a brushed finished and I was so excited for him to see the finished masterpiece! When I handed him the ring he was speechless, he  confessed his doubts about how it had looked when it was wax and then he got so excited at how beautiful it had turned out! I have to agree and I wish them all the love and happiness in the next chapter of their relationship!