Full day silversmithing class and all of it's fabulousness!!

Mask Lariat


Pam wanted to come in and finish her large mask piece she carved and cast into silver in Lars casting class.  She created 3 independent pieces that needed to be soldered together with a chain through the loop part.  Pam loves mask's and I love her design!  We also water casted her scrap silver then assembled and soldered the pieces into this beautiful pendant!  It was a productive private class!
A cool custom mens wedding band was made today by folding the organic shaped silver sheet over a textured piece of copper.  My friend Amy also came in and made herself a second ring with a beautiful Botswana agate stone!

Inlay class


Sisters Laurie and Kathy came to the Inlay class and made some beautiful silver and copper rings!
Had 6 great students in the silversmithing class! Lots of beautiful sterling silver jewelry made! 

Date night!


Fun students on a date tonight, they say a happy wife makes a happy life!
My Certification Students had a treat last week and this week with Sherri Haab coming in to teach us!  We learned electroforming, electrical etching, photo/ITS transfers and resin clay.  I was a little caught up with creating my own projects in-between packing and moving my house, so I only got a few photo's of my own jewelry.  They turned out great!
Had a great cold connection class with some creative students!  They learned how to rivet, do tube rivets, use the jewelers saw, wire wrap and create cool projects!  I, unfortunately, forgot to photograph
some of the finished jewelry  =(

Field Trip!


Melissa Muir has a great studio! My Certification Students and I were excited to go play with her multiple hydraulic press's for a few days.  We created domed shapes, anti-castic and synclastic cuffs and learned lots of new skills!  Thanks for having us Melissa!  You can take some of her classes in my studio, check the class schedule here for what's coming up soon!