Me and my kiln...


...finally understand each other.  It only took me 11 months to figure it out without pulling out the manual so I had to celebrate at 8am with this post!  This beautiful students ring was cast later and sent to my jeweler for the stone settings, isn't it fabulous!!

Buried Treasure!


A real live treasure hunter has been visiting my studio lately and wanted this custom ring made from a 1805 Mexican coin he found himself.  I told him that I could make it look like it had been pulled out of the ground, just like his coin and the rock, arrowhead. and 1937 coin he gave me!  He loved it!!

Mask Lariat


Pam wanted to come in and finish her large mask piece she carved and cast into silver in Lars casting class.  She created 3 independent pieces that needed to be soldered together with a chain through the loop part.  Pam loves mask's and I love her design!  We also water casted her scrap silver then assembled and soldered the pieces into this beautiful pendant!  It was a productive private class!

Custom Order


Created a custom gift for an old friends girlfriend from a bullet casing and malachite stone.  Turned out great!

Custom Pearl Ring


Midge and I have been talking about doing something cool with this pearl for a while now. She brought it to me a few weeks ago with the idea of creating a setting like a flower ring I have in the gallery I knew it would be a beautiful, simple look to compliment this pearl that was brought half way around the world just for her. I think it turned out lovely, I was secretly hoping she didn’t like it because it fit me perfectly and I love it! But no, she is enjoying it as she should <3


Custom silver tags


I always love the chance to help a friend out with a cool piece of jewelry and I think this definitely fits the bill. My friend Angela called and wanted to make a personalized gift for her business coach Suzanne whose motto is “Be the change” and “Hell Yeah!” I think she is going to love wearing these!
This cuff has been floating around in my head, teasing me a little with the idea of it. Putting things on paper and luring them into the 3D space, in my creative world, usually means they are two totally different things. What I mean is, that sometimes when I set out to make something that I have drawn and can see so clearly in my mind, the piece takes over midstream. Not like a strange sci-fi crazed creature, but more like the something happy infiltrated my body as I was creating on some mindless drug that distracted me. In my minds eye I had originally seen this with an acrylic layer in the middle to give it more height with all the other layers, I visualized gaps between the layers to make it look more like rings from the top and the two bands (that ended up as three) coming together in the back to a point. My muse tends to have a sense of humor and I think she knows she can distract me with a great Pandora station! This was one of those times! Not that I am complaining, as I see it I now have a bonus design I haven't made and I am quite happy with how this one turned out! It is on it's way with the stork to Chicago to go live with Terry Graziano (The AMAZING hat artist I will forever rave about!) with some almost matching earrings and my freeform ring. She is actually getting it sight unseen since she gave me free reign with the words silver, chunky and multiple textures stuck in my head. I sure hope she likes it!
And how about that 11-11-11 11:11:11! What did you do to celebrate?

Pottery jewelry


Pottery silver jewelry cuff
Michelle and Judy from Lake Superior, Minn. brought in some cool pottery pieces that they had bought in their travels that they wanted to make into jewelry. They had to adjust the angles of the sides a little so that we could set them into bezels and I think they turned out pretty cool! They made them mountain shaped to remember their trip to Utah and I think their shapes accented the pottery nicely! Good job ladies!

I love making custom orders especially when people bring in items that are sentimental to them! Tammy from Tampa, Fl. had these great pieces of sea glass that she wanted made into a matching set. We talked about the design and I really like the result!

Birthday surprise


My cool friend Wendy's girlfriend Olivia contacted me about making a ring with puzzle pieces on it. I am always game to try something new so she came over and talked about the options and decided it should be done lost wax casting style. Olivia got to work carving the wax and it looked great! I will post a photo of the finished casted piece after Wendy gets it since her birthday is in a few weeks and it is a surprise... Here is Olivia hard at work...