Jewelry Roundup


Every once in a while I get inspired to gather up all of my unfinished projects to complete, examples to polish and tarnished jewelry to freshen up.  This time I had a lot more than I expected and it took me a lot longer than I anticipated!  Check them out in the gallery!
My youngest son Jackson came up for a visit and we bought a spirograph, it was a lot harder than I remember it being when I was young!  He also decorated my sandwich board for me, it is outside bringing people in!  I added to it... pic to come...
My Certification Students had a treat last week and this week with Sherri Haab coming in to teach us!  We learned electroforming, electrical etching, photo/ITS transfers and resin clay.  I was a little caught up with creating my own projects in-between packing and moving my house, so I only got a few photo's of my own jewelry.  They turned out great!



This interview is great from start to finish!  Her story, jewelry, talent and great attitude about teaching children that there are all kinds of people warmed my heart.  The only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves!  On a side note: I also have a huge crush on her Durston Rolling Mill in the background...

Custom Work


This is a new one for me.  I was asked to create a sterling silver liner for a custom wood sugar box. The size of it creating some soldering challenges (needed lots of heat and a joint shifted making the box a smidge bigger) but it worked!  While I was at it, Bill also wanted me to polish out dents in a silver pill box and antique sugar bowl. 
It has been a crazy whirlwind since June and I have some exciting news!! My 500 square foot studio has grown into a 1350 square foot studio and it’s now located in the heart of Sugar House in Salt Lake! I acquired the shop at the beginning of July and immediately began a full scale remodel. Walls came down, floor to ceiling got a new paint job, electrical got added and updated, plumbing and cabinets have been added, exterior has gotten some paint, it has been quite the project! The studio is not quite finished but I am eager to get up and running. I have also had the largest mural project to date going on at Primary Childrens Hospital, moved my house and studio to Sugar House, finished up the remodeling at my house and got it rented, cleaned up my studio and got it rented, xeriscaped my front yard and made more trips to Home Depot than I can count! Here are some photos of the last few months in the studio, it all started with my youngest graduating from High School so I had to include a photo of his accomplishment as well =)  Come visit my new location in the Shops of Sugar House across the street from Barnes and Noble at 1115 E. 2100 S. I am part of the Sugar House Art Walk and will have my doors pen from 6-9pm on October 11th. Come see my new location, I can’t wait to offer more classes and have a bigger space to play in!  (click photos for captions)

Once again I have rebuilt my website, this time to bring 3 of my sites into one! I am excited to have it all in one place finally and most of it is here now....just working on getting all of my blog posts moved here so check back soon to see more stories as the adventure continues!
and another minute and a half here to finish it off.....
I love it when Connie flies in from Texas to come make jewelry with me! She has a great artistic eye and always has a beautiful and very creative project or three in mind. This time was no exception and I was very excited that she wanted to make a large layered chunky cuff with a stone she brought and matching pendants. She is a natural with the tools and torch and likes to let her pieces grow organically in the process. I’ve lost track of how many designs she has created with me but I think this cuff is one of my very favorites so far. She gives away most of her projects as gifts and there are some very lucky recipients out there! I can’t wait to see what she wants to create next year!